Plini and Intervals

Recap I saw two of my favorite progressive metal bands on Saturday! Plini and Intervals are both solo acts backed by a drum and bassist. Intervals used to be a full band (witha singer!) until Aaron Marshall made it his own solo project. Now, before I go onto the concert, I think I should mention that I enjoyed the Intervals previous album, A Voice Within (2015) much more than the newest album The Shape of Colour.

Favorite Albums of 2015

3x3 Grid Native Construct - Quiet World This is my AOTY. Hands down. Native Construct has been in my rotation for several months and whenever I start a song I can’t help but listen to the whole album. The instrumentals are creative and fresh, the production is better than many top 20 albums (Adele’s 25), and the song writing is on another level from all other progressive metal albums this year.