Jacob Weimer

Muncie June Olympic Triathlon


These past three months I have been slowly increasing my training to get to a much higher overall fitness level. I have been using stravistix to judge where I am. Here is the graph of that:

At the highest I was up to around 8 hours a week of training, and I realize now I need to keep increasing for my Half Ironman at the end of July. If I can hold 10 hours for at least a few weeks I will be happy.

So for the past few months the most amount of work has been in the run, and second in the bike. I have been consistent in my swimming but have not been increasing in speed or distance, and that needs to change.

Race Day

4:50am: Woke up ang gathered my crap. I also at a bagel with peanut butter and made coffee for the road.

6:30am: Arrived at Muncie. Listened to some motivating music in the car. I don’t think it helped much.

7:30am: Course Preview. Swim is a square, Bike is 2 laps, Run is an out and back.

8:10am: Race Start.

The swim was long. 300 meters long. Not a huge deal but as my first open water swim it wasn’t much fun. I swim 20 seconds per 100 meter slower than I do in the pool, so I had some serious form issues out there. I was one of the few without a wetsuit, and if I want to be competitive I think I will need to make that investment.

My T1 was good but I used my toe socks instead of regular, and that maybe cost me a minute. Other than that it was a good transition. I should have taken a gu shot before heading out.

The Bike was my best effort! I was on a road bike which was ideal for the hilly course. I passed a lot of people on very expensive bikes and that is always a good feeling. I should continue to make my bike the best I can.

T2 was nearly flawlesss, I traded my shoes and took of my helmet and took off. Again, I should have had a drink and a gu shot here.

The run was slow. The sun was high up and it was hot. I could tell I really used up my engine in the bike, which I shouldnt have done. I could have run a minute per mile faster if I didn’t burn up so much. I really felt the dehydration here.


I feel like I could have done a lot better here. It was a fast field but that should not be an excuse. I want to compete and do better.

Lessons Learned

In training I am going to do more brick workouts and up my swim training. I was gassed in my run which means I went too hard on the bike.